Payroll Processing & Benefits Administration

  • Designing Compensation Package ((i.e. Breakdown of CTC as per the Company Policy)
  • Coordinating employee induction program related to C & B
  • Preparation of Salary
  • System Driven Payroll Management
  • Compilation and Verification of inputs as receive
  • Preparation of Payroll Inputs summary
  • Preparing Multi-Location / Multi-Level / Monthly Payroll
  • Generation of Payroll MIS for Management
  • Statutory Compliances & Record Keeping
  • Loan Recoveries & Disbursement
  • With Holding Tax Planning
  • Verification of Investment Proofs
  • Flexible Benefit Plan Management
  • Reimbursement Processing
  • Front Ending Audit Of Payroll Records
  • Disbursement Management
  • Attending to queries of different employees
  • Arranging help desk


We are an innovative payroll service company serving several satisfied customers. Our strategy is to provide a professional service using the full resources of our expertise developed through constant research and evolution

Purposed Methodology

  • In order to maintain the of the data, the company along with Transerve shall identify a with transerve and vice versa. confidentiality and security key manager/s for all correspondence
  • Transerve shall receive all information with the Employee code and the processing of payroll shall be done by Transerve based on The company shall share with transerve all the relevant policies governing the payroll (i.e. leave policy, loan policy, reimbursement policy etc.)
Compliance and Mental Peace is yours
  • The Company shall provide the in the format to be provided by transerve which will include Employee code, along with other HR details and Salary breakup etc. As a one time activity the company shall send us all the relevant reports and details for the financial year till date. soft copies of the employee master
  • Employees can send Emails directly to us and could get clarification in regarding to the matters relating to Payroll, TDS and Retirals Benefits. or alternatively salary help desk can also be arranged

The Payroll Data of each month shall contain :

  • Details of new joinees with date of joining and salary break up
  • Details of employees who have left the organization
  • Attendance / Over Time details
  • Stop payment instruction
  • Details of confirmations and increments
  • Miscellaneous additions / deletions
  • Intimation on the revision of pay and allowances of existing employees
  • Co. policy updates