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We offer 7C’s Components consulting services covering different consulting activities.

Consumer – We focus on Consumer or Customer (Different Verticals) to initiate the definition of consulting

Content – We consider content as digital assets, and our curation of content is mapped with Context

Context – Context gives you an insight into behavior, adoption, and usage pattern. We correlate the first 3C’s to cover 180-degree evaluation to strategy.


Communication– Communication acts as an equilibrium point between the customer and supplier. We have an insight into communication content which makes the most effective outcome in any form of reaching out to consumer or customers or partners

Collaboration Tool – Usages of tools for analytics, monitoring, optimization, and support makes big difference in adoption and usages pattern. Our consulting advice always considers it

Commerce Tool – The most influencing factor is always commerce. Our insight into traditional and alternative revenue model through Digitize-Advertise-Monetize help us to sharpen our consulting even more effective

Compliance – Everyone must evaluate the impact of regulatory and policy compliance in their local, regional, and global geographies. No consulting offering is complete without fulfilling the compliance part of the same.

The offered consulting services in different form factor consists of 7C’s wherein we differentiate our competitor by a wide margin

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