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Digital Marketing became mandatory activities for Companies, Governments, Consumers and Prosumers across Industrial Sectors to virtually connect and communicate with the potential. With global adoption of Internet in early 2000 evolves over two decades and converged information into Digitize–Advertise-Monetize to improve awareness, branding for the reason. The above turned Content as the foundation of any Digital Assets.

Out of a global population of 8 billion, more than 5.6 billion users are using social media and access other Digital Assets generating more than $270 billion in revenue for service providers.

The evolution of Telecom Network and attached connected devices enabled digital users to use mobility apps and games generating more than $300 billion on top of digital advertisement segment.

The above is testimony of digital assets creation, promotion, adoption, and conversion into business model to engage, educate, enable potential consumer or prosumers.

Transerve categorize Digital Marketing into ecosystem of 6C’s such as Consumer, Context, Content, Collaboration, Commerce and Compliance enabling 5P’s such as Product, Profile, Position, Provision and Profit while ensuring Reachability, Availability, Scalability, Sustainability and Security of offered Digital Assets.

Digital Marketing Partners are important for you as it enables you to

  1. Focus & dedicate your effort, time and resources on your core product or service domain across Industrial Sector and Geography.
  2. Run digital marketing campaigns without managing and monitoring resources, tools, cost variance
  3. Fill skill and execution gaps while achieving guaranteed results with defined timeframe
  4. Improve Investment ROI with decreased TCO.

We execute digital marketing initiative by correlating campaign goal with effective and efficient placement of 6C’s

Industry Challenges

In recent years Digital Marketing domain is experiencing lack of trust by advertisers and publishers due to multiple factors which reduced RoI and increased TCA. The double-digit growth domain came under intense attack by hackers, virtual traffic, and security threats. Some of the challenges are as follows:

  1. Majority of Web, Mobile Traffic turned out to be bogus traffic
  2. Exponential growth in Security threat
  3. The identification and evaluation process of right publishing partner became a challenges
  4. Lack of Data Points and attached strategy to define the digital marketing spend
  5. Correlation of tools to define KPI for monitoring, optimization, and enhancement of inwards web traffic
  6. Lack of skilled resources availability in the digital marketing space implementing high RoI based Digitize-Advertise-Monetize.

Our Approach

Transerve specializes in designing to execute of campaign for its customers. Our approach to generate maximum results are as follows

  • Capture of detailed requirements
  • Analysis of requirements with respect to campaign goals, Key Performance Indicators, Geographies, Digital Media Reach,
  • The differentiated strategy design in case of campaign should be design for Branding, Mobile User Acquisition, User Retention, Remarketing, Income Group, Digital Marketing Type etc.
  • Creation of content with most acceptable keywords or review of submitted content with respect to keywords, competitor, risk, change, regulatory and data analysis
  • Strategy design with procedure to map 1: 100 Datapoint or 100:1 Datapoint analysis also termed as Reverse Eagle Eye process
  • Selection of cascaded Digital Marketing methodology such as SEO, SEM, SMO, Affiliate, Programmatic, SSP/DSP, Influencer, Email, WA Marketing in sequential or parallel way to achieve maximum result
  • Selection of Traffic (Web or Mobile) partners with focus on maximum conversion based digital assets
  • Integrate Fraud, Analytical, Monitoring, Optimization tool with designed campaign
  • Launch, Monitor, optimize to mitigate performance tradeoffs
  • 24/7/365 monitoring of traffic, acquired customer activities, retention, churn rate to reduce investment leakage, revenue loss and increase ROI, TCO, TCA.


The benefits of hiring Transerve as a Digital Partner coupled with our digital marketing process implementation covering Digitize-Advertise-Monetize offer immense benefits and some of them as follows:

  1. Achieve Digital Objective of your company with customized strategy
  2. Gain immediate results by closing resource gaps through us
  3. Get in-depth market analysis of Trend, Adoptions, Showstoppers, Competitors, Risk and Regulatory
  4. Capitalize on your content to convert your digital assets as customer acquisition and retention centre
  5. Build your presence across Social and Professional Media
  6. Improve in Search result, Website Traffic with Trackable and Measurable analytics, reports
  7. Improve Brand Awareness, Stickiness and Adoption
  8. Achieve better leads, conversion and retention

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