Payroll Management

We ensure seamless management of your Payroll Liabilities

We at Transerve Advisor is leading payroll management company that offer hierarchically organized payroll mechanism to ensure best practice implementation to calculate all payroll liabilities based on the submitted timesheets.

We define and implement processes to ensure that all liabilities are correctly calculated and paid on time. We take accountabilities of your employee’s timesheet and calculate the pay per employee along with related payroll liabilities.

Advisors at Transerve are well trained to calculate and pay the payroll tax and file your payroll returns.


Time & Wages Calculations

  1. Calculation based on Working hours, hourly payment, vacation, or holiday time taken by employee during the payment period.
  2. Calculation of gross pay estimation post exempting taxes and any other deductions.
  3. Verification of Payroll deposits or paper checks.

Report Creation & Submission

  1. Manage labor expenses.
  2. Employee headcount
  3. Leave/Holiday balances.
  4. Overtime Hours
  5. Attendance Vs. Shift Management
  6. Highest and lowest earning employees

Payroll Tax Management

  • Calculate, automate, and submit tax payments to respective authorities.
  • Payroll deduction

Payroll Management Assumption

The few complexity of Payroll leads to a mechanism wherein clear guideline being agreed upon before the initiation of work. The most acceptable assumptions are as follows:

  • Filtering of employees based on wages, promotions, or a salary hike.
  • Define and monitor Payroll deadlines to avoid payment delays such as tax.
  • Employee status such as exempt and nonexempt employees. In addition, overtime calculation to mitigate miscalculation leading to financial loss to a business.
  • System integration to keep the payroll system in a loop for any information shared.
  • Payment Option Flexibility.
  • Employees awareness programs
  • Perfect ‘working time’ recording and avoid unwarranted overtime payments.
  • Testing a new system at an initial stage to avoid the loss of time, energy, and utilities invested.
  • With zero tolerance for errors.
Classic Payroll Management Service

Everyone needs a flexible HR system that fits & possesses the power of a large team behind you. It must offer to design to give businesses the maturity to incorporate HR and payroll processes.  Payroll management is correlated process to fulfill compliance while offering service which your employee looks for.

The Differentiation
  • Run payroll seamless with 99.999999% errors free.
  • Create, deploy, manage, and monitor commercial and non-commercial compliance and others in one place.
  • Attract, Engage, and retain talent in today’s competitive market.
  • Go beyond traditional HR functionality and adopt self-service through deployed tools.
  • Coordinate, Communication, collaborate to established seamless adoption of corporate culture with ethics.
360 Degree Execution Process
1. Establish Seamless Coordination, Communications, Context, Compliance

The organization is moving from traditional methodology of communication, connection to organized coordination to achieve connections to team members, career growth, training, retraining. It helps employees motivated to be connected to their work and each other.

  • Offer central hub for team members to connect, collaborate and communicate across the organization using state of art Rich media tools.
  • Improved connection to inflict the feeling of core and important team members of success and recognizing their achievements.
  • Communicate, Gather, Correlate, analyze feedback from employees to improve the processes and procedures of execution.
  • Improves team communications through cutting edge conference tools to achieve higher growth and subsequently to higher professional growth.  
2. Eliminate Manual Process & Integrate Seamless Data Entry and Errors
  • Automated processes, and tax complaint in one section to curate and update information quickly without any errors. It would improve efficiency, accuracy and retention of data under different compliances.
  • Improved processes and procedure would increase paycheck accuracy with instant preview, review, re-verification of your data points with central and decentralized environment.
  • Determine state and local taxes of employees based on home and work locations followed by verified taxes, changes.
  • Elimination of traditional process of approvals to digitized version of spreadsheet, forms, verification process, data storage.
  • Reduce revenue leakage and improve return on investment.
3. Seamless Scheduling of Timesheet and Tracking

Monitor and zero-in any unplanned labor cost and subsequently mitigate any compliance risk. Improved visibility of human management of management, finance, project, and product owners.

  • Removal of traditional paper based or partially implemented digital process to completely digitally compatible process and procedure to notification, reporting, escalation, RCA management.
  • Create, Manage, Monitor, improve schedules, templates, and leverage payroll, timesheet, tracking rules to minimize compliance risk.
  • Offer additional tools to employees to manage their work with shift, claims and swapping.
  • Map payroll management with time management bio tracking
4. Improved Decision Through Accurate Data-Driven Insights

Enable data-driven approach and insight to HR using integrated analytical and reporting tools. It helps us to understand employees’ trends.

  • Interpolate and correlate employees’ interaction-based efficiency and engagement management. It helps in breaking down performance across utilization, employee satisfaction, approach, and corporate health.
  • Insight evaluation and identification of discrepancies, hidden costs, resource allocation, utilization and returns.
  • Identify commitment and conviction trends by manager, location, department, to enhance employee retention and reduce costs.
  • Improved correlation and coordination in cross functional, gender, race, culture language-based employees
5. Improved Talent Retention

Refine and define the talent acquisition process across functional, technical and compliance based on detailed analysis of insights or reports which yields maximum results, revenue, efficiency, and competitor advantage.

  • Map open position with efficiency and cost management insight to articulate acquisition and performance KPI’s to mitigate wrong hiring and improve higher revenue from potential hiring.
  • Capture new employee information through digital media as well as taking an undertaking from employee on reusing their personal data to process different corporate activities to be complaint with DPDP.
  • Enable new employees to access new or existing set of training for seamless integration of employee in corporate culture.
6. Seamless Employees, Document and Compliance Management

Reduce time spent on redundant activities and improve on payroll creation and execution management. The purpose is to minimize compliance risk and focus on the strategic work which adds to the value of your organization.

  • Offer employees secure, 24/7 access to view paychecks, tax documentation, time off, and manage HR & payroll data.
  • Employee documents management under one single, searchable location which include but not limited to offer letters, tax forms, exit documents, that keeps you organized and compliant.
  • Proactive initiation to compliance with intuitive and quick access linked with work authorizations, EEO, FLSA data, as well as interactive HR compliance.
  • Complete visibility into workforce at the position to quickly configure new positions and accurately predict vacancies as well as budget changes.

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